Aiseubeogun, BAGAIA Commissioner emphasize training, trainability at AIB/LAAC human factor conference


Aiseubeogun, BAGAIA Commissioner emphasize training, trainability at AIB/LAAC human factor conference

FORMER managing director of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Mr. Richard Aiseubeogun is canvassing that organizations must provide regulators of civil aviation, on an annual basis, their organizational and individual training plans in case there is an accident or incident the investigators should have records on where to look.


Also the Commissioner, Banjul Accord Group Accident Investigation Agency (BAGAIA), Engineer Charles Irekefe Erhueh has also added that human factors in air accidents are as complicated as they come stating that although it is important to train equal emphasis must be placed on whether the individual is trainable.


The two participants made their contributions virtually at the LAAC/AIB Conference themed: Preventing Human Factors in Air Accident Investigations held at Sheraton Hotels and suites.


According to Mr. Aiseubeogun the aviation sub-sector has procedures that make it one of the most highly regulated industries in the world stating that in promoting safety the AIB’s roles need to be expanded.


He said, ,“I am sure none of us want accidents so ab initio part of the requirements for participants in the industry is provide us with your training plan on an annual basis, the regulator should insist on that, so that in the event of any incident or accident AIB should have records to look at in terms of whether the individuals involved or organizations involved have been adequately training its personnel and if we are found nor to adequately train our personnel then we are culpable because most of the time when we have incidents of accidents, training is largely the cause of the problem.


“I also understand the challenge that is involved especially with balancing of the economics of the business with the safety, the truth is that training is very important.


He earlier noted, “Procedures are there and that is very correct we all know that the aviation industry is highly regulated and procedurally; everything we do is in compliance with the regulations. We cannot ignore the regulation; of course if you ignore it you are jeopardizing the aviation business.


“I want to reemphasize that training is crucial and its thrust to the successful implementation of zero accidents or no air accidents that we are promoting now. Of course the no air accidents we are promoting now is from the AIB end, the AIB need to do so many other things in addition to just ensuring that  we know the cost of accidents. Now, if the AIB is to succeed, then we must remember this popular statement, common with the Flight Safety international in the 90s: If you think safety is expensive try an accident’


The BAGAIA Commissioner , Engineer Erhueh, who spoke soon after laid practical emphasis on a real accident situation stating that it was important to be aware if the person is of sound mind, trainable and able to understand the importance of every situation they are in.


Engineer Erhueh said, “These human factors as we all know is something that is interesting so as everyone has a key interest in it in the sense that human factors hold in all aspects of our lives. Like all the participants have spoken very well as regards it, I want to say that no matter how much one is trained first we need to understand if the person is trainable because everyone has laid emphasis on training but is the person trainable?


“I remember an incident some time ago with AIB and the pilot just went out in the morning, took an aircraft before we know it, he went down. In the course of the investigation, we found out that one of the salient issues was affecting the pilot. The investigators had to go to France to talk to the wife and find out there are family issues. So human factor means you must have sound mind to decipher what is actually happening, and to who” he said.