strengthen cooperation and collaboration between member states in respect to investigation of aircraft accidents and serious incidents.
develop a common set of regulations in the area of accident investigation compliant with the provision of Annex 13 to the Chicago Convention and taking into account the delegation of the conduct of an investigation into an aircraft accidents and serious incident to the BAGAIA by any one of the Member States.
develop common guidance materials and investigators handbooks, manuals and checklists for use in the investigation of accidents and serious incidents that occur in all member states.
develop and implement procedure for the sharing of information on accidents and serious incidents within the BAG Sub-Region and internationally
develop and implement procedure aimed at facilitation relations between investigative teams and local authorities in States of occurrence within the BAG Sub-Region to enable the unimpeded investigation of accidents and serious incidents.
Coordinate, where required accident investigation activities amongst the Member States.
Support accident and incident prevention efforts of Member States
Mobilize and solicit technical and financial resources from external sources for the purpose of investigating accidents and serious incidents
Monitor the accident investigation activities of Member States to ensure that they are in line with the ICAO objectives and plan
Monitor and provide inputs to Member States on the formulation of ICAO SARPs in the area of accident investigation
Establish appropriately equipped and trained accident investigative teams
Conduct, either in whole or any part of, an investigation into an aircraft accident or serious incident upon delegation by a State of Occurrence and the BAGAIA
Provide technical and on-the-job training for accident investigators
Make a report on its activities to the Council of Ministers at least once every six months
Perform any other function that may be necessary for the proper investigation of accidents and serious incidents under the Agreement.