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IPIAAM is a personalized service, rendered by the State, with a collective public legal personality, administrative, financial and property autonomy, that is responsible for the investigation of accidents and serious incidents, and the promotion of safety through the implementation of policies and programs for the prevention of aeronautical and maritime accidents.


IPIAAM is, therefore, the National Investigation Authority, whose mission is to investigate aeronautical and maritime accidents and incidents, with the sole purpose of determining their causes and/or factors, to formulate safety recommendations, in order to avoid its repetition. The main aim, thus, is not that of dictating blame or responsibility.


Historical Background


Formerly in Cabo Verde, the means in use for the prevention and investigation of accidents and incidents in air and maritime transport systems were provided for by two entities, namely the Commission for the Prevention and Investigation of Aircraft Accidents (CPIAA) and the Office for the Prevention and Investigation of Maritime Accidents (GPIAM), created, respectively, by Decree-Laws nº38 / 2009 and nº17 / 2016.


CPIAA was only effectively implemented in 2018, a year that marks the starting point for the implementation of an aviation accident prevention and investigation system.


With the emergence of the Institute for the Prevention and Investigation of Aeronautical and Maritime Accidents (IPIAAM), through the merger of CPIAA and GPIAM by Decree-Law N.º62 /2018, of 12 December, Cabo Verde took a significant step in the prevention of accidents in the areas of air and maritime transport, allowing the country to align with international good practices, on the one hand, and create conditions for greater efficiency and effectiveness in the use of available resources, on the other.

Total Accident Investigated 0
Total Serious Incident Investigated 4
Total Investigation Completed 0
Total Investigation still Open 0
Total Investigation Re-open 0

Chairman of the Board of Directors of IPIAAM

Eng. Mário Margarito Gomes

PhD student in Global Studies – Universidade Aberta – Portugal Degree in Electromechanical Engineering – Beira Interior University - Portugal Postgraduate in aviation law - Law Faculty of Lisbon, Portugal Postgraduate in Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications – Aveiro University, Portugal Qualification in several areas of civil aviation, particularly in airports certification, airport master planning, accident investigation, search and rescue, obstacle control, risk and crisis management, maintenance of air navigation systems, taught by the most prestigious international institutions such as the FAA of the United States, ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization, IATA - International Air Transportation Association, KAC in South Korea.