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BAGAIA and Gambia

The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority was established as an autonomous body in July, 1991 (under the Public Enterprise Act of 1989) to give effect to the Chicago Convention. The main functions of the Authority are;


1. Regulating Civil Aviation and the Air Transport Industry in the Gambia;

2. Providing Air Navigation Services; and,

3. Operating and Managing Banjul International Airport which includes, among others, providing and maintaining required infrastructure and facilities.

The Authority comprises eight different departments, namely; departments of Human Resources and Administration, Air Navigation Services, Internal Audit, Flight Safety Standards, Airport Operations, Air Transport and Commerce, Finance, and Engineering & Maintenance. Each of these directorates is headed by a Director who assists the Office of Director General in the day-to-day administration of the Authority, performs specialized functions geared towards efficiently and effectively performing the Authority’s three broad functions.


1. Department of Finance: The Directorate of Finance is responsible for the financial management and control of the Authority’s resources, the keeping/preparation of Accounts, Annual Budget, Stores, and Credit Control.

2. Department of Airport Operations: The Responsibility for the day-to-day operation and management of Banjul International Airport (BIA) rests with the Department of Airport Operations. This responsibility covers Security Facilitation and Aerodrome Certification. The Department comprises six units; namely, Aviation Security, Terminal Supervisory, Airport Information, General Services, Airside and Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Service.

3. Department of Air Navigation Services: The responsibility for Air Traffic Services, Aeronautical Information Services,  Aeronautical Telecommunications Service Aviation Meteorology and Search & Rescue fall under this department.


4. Department of Internal Audit: This department exists “to operate and consistently monitor the internal control system to ensure efficient and economic use and custody of the Authority’s assets and resources”. This department is responsible of reviewing the effectiveness of  GCAA’s financial and risk management; monitors and evaluates the processes  management has put in place, and advises on the implementation of sound policies and strategies.


5. Department of Engineering and Maintenance: This department is responsible for the upkeep of Navigational Aids, Electrical & Electronics matters, Mechanical and Civil Engineering works.


6. Department of Flight Safety Standards  This department is the regulatory arm of the Authority. It regulates and controls Civil Aviation in The Gambia. It carries out aircraft registration,  airworthiness certification, personnel licensing flight operations, and certification of airline operators.


7. Department of Human Resources and Administration: This department is responsible for all personnel and administrative matters of the Authority. Its primary function is to increase efficiency and effectiveness through effective management and administration of the Authority’s human resources. The department ensures that there are appropriate policies and procedures guiding the activities of every staff.



8. Department of Air Transport & Commerce: This department is responsible for the commercial/business development and operations, marketing of Banjul International Airport, economic regulation and statistics. They are also responsible for air transport matters, including Bilateral & Multilateral Air Service Agreements (BASA / MASA), registration & licensing of airlines, travel and cargo agencies.


In addition to the above, there are other sections/units that are headed by a manager and are answerable to the Office of the Director General and Company Secretary. Aviation Security Quality Control and Project Management report to the Office of Director General. Other units, ; namely, Legal Services, Information, Communication & Technology, (ICT),  Corporate Affairs, Public Relations and Procurement report to the Company Secretary.

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Col. Lawrence Jarra (Rtd.)