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The Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation and Prevention Bureau was establish to investigate, prevent, regulate and oversee the management of aircraft accidents and incidents that occur in Ghana; and to provide for related matters.


The Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation and Prevention Bureau is a centralized autonomous investigation institution whose operations will not be subject to interference. In the conduct of its investigations, it neither seek nor take instructions from any other authorities. The Bureau has unrestricted authority over the conduct of investigations. The Bureau is a separate legal entity in its operations but serves as an agency under the Ministry responsible for Aviation. The Bureau is responsible for initiating its own investigations, policies, programmes, projects and activities as well as develop operational guidelines, rules and regulations in line with international standards. The Bueau has developed mechanisms for ensuring the implementation of findings and safety recommendations. The Bureau is the sole focal institution for notifying ICAO on aircraft accidents and incidents in Ghana. 


The bureau shall operate under Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation and Prevention Bureau Act, 2020, Act 1028, the Aircraft Accident and Serious Incident Regulations, 2019 L.I. 2375 and the operational procedures specified in the Accident Prevention and Investigation Manual (APIM).

Total Accident Investigated 0
Total Serious Incident Investigated 16
Total Investigation Completed 0
Total Investigation still Open 0
Total Investigation Re-open 0

The Commissioner


Mr. Prempeh expertise covers Aviation Safety, Safety Management, Accident Investigations Operation, Aviation Legislation, Policy and Regulatory, Transport, Planning, Strategic Management, Transport Analysis and Forecasting. Mr. Prempeh holds MSc. Transport Planning from the University of Leeds and BSc. In Planning from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi. He also pursed other air transport related competency based courses and professional programmes including Aircraft Accident Investigation and Response course at Cranfeild University, UK. He has been the Coordinator for the Accident Investigation Unit in the Ministry for the past two years and has overall working experience in the transport/aviation sector for the past 10 years. The officer was part of the last accident investigation conducted in 2018 in the Starbow Aircraft accident.