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The Accident Investigation Bureau, Nigeria is under the Federal Ministry of Aviation and is charged with the  responsibility to investigate any civil aircraft accident and serious incident arising out of, or in the course of air navigation and occurring either in or over Nigeria, or occurring to Nigerian aircraft elsewhere.


The fundamental objective of AIB is to improve aviation safety by determining the circumstances and causes of air accidents and serious incidents, and providing safety recommendations intended to prevent recurrence of similar accidents. The purpose of this is not to apportion blame or liability.

Total Accident Investigated 24
Total Serious Incident Investigated 31
Total Investigation Completed 58
Total Investigation still Open 0
Total Investigation Re-open 0

Director General/CEO NSIB

Capt. Alex Badeh (Jnr.)

Alex Badeh Jr. is a seasoned and accomplished aviation professional, recognized for his expertise, exceptional leadership, relentless drive for excellence and resolute commitment to safety within the global aviation industry. With a career spanning over a decade. Alex has amassed over 6000 flight hours as both Captain and First Officer, operating domestically and internationally. Hailing from a background steeped in resilience and determination, Alex’s early years were marked by an insatiable curiosity and an unyielding thirst for knowledge. His academic pursuits led him to the prestigious University of Wolverhampton, England, where he obtained a degree in Biological Sciences, laying the groundwork for a stellar career in the skies and his aspirations. Alex’s entrance into the aviation world marked the genesis of a fulfilling career. His career trajectory showcases his steadfast dedication to excellence. He honed his skills and expertise while working with reputable airlines such as American Airlines and American Eagle (A regional subsidiary of American Airlines) in the United States, where he piloted Airbus A320 and Bombardier CRJ 200/700/900 aircraft, respectively. His roles extended beyond flying; he assumed mentorship responsibilities, nurturing aspiring pilots and advocating for higher safety standards within the aviation industry. His quest for continuous for continuous improvement is evident through numerous certifications, including Airline Transport Pilot Airplane Multiengine Land, a range of type ratings and FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator qualifications. He actively pursued professional development participating in specialized training programs focusing on mountainous terrain and upset recovery, reflecting his commitment to enhancing safety measures. His proficiency extends to a multitude of aircraft, holding FAA/ICAO NCAA Licenses for major airlines in Nigeria and the USA coupled with an impressive array of type ratings encompassing the B-737, CL-65, DA-2000, G-V, A-330 and A320 series. Alex’s commitment to safety and mentorship garnered him prestigious accolades including the Minister’s Commendation for Safety, awarded by the Nigerian Minister of Aviation and the Pilot Mentor Award from Aero Contractors Nigeria LTD, further affirming his dedication and contributions to the field of aviation. Beyond his professional pursuits, Alex is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the aviation industry serving as a member of PSA Airlines Diversity and Inclusion Council in Vandalia, Ohio, where he actively contributes to shaping policies for equitable opportunities within the industry. He is also an advocate for mental health in the aviation industry professionals. Alex Badeh Junior's journey in the global aviation industry is a testament to his resilience and resolute commitment to excellence. He seeks to share his wealth of experience, to guide Nigeria’s transportation sector towards a future of growth and renewed hope. His ambition is not for personal glory but for the collective dream of a nation taking flight.