ensure, in accordance with the ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan, the establishment of an adequate funded, professionally trained, independent and impartial aircraft accident investigative body within the BAG Sub-Region.
enhance cooperation and collaboration among member states, with respect to investigation of aircraft accidents and serious incidents.,
enhance cooperation within the BAG Sub-Region and internationally, with respect to the sharing of information on accidents and incidents.
Ensure that all aircraft accident and incidents occurring in member states are investigated in strict compliance with the provision of Annex 13 to the Chicago Convention;
Ensure the independence of all investigations into aircrafts accidents and serious incidents that are carried out in member states, from political or other interference or pressure
ensure the provision of adequate resources, including funding, for the carrying out of all investigation
promote, by all member states, the use of a common set of regulations compliant with provision of Annex 13 to the Chicago Convention, including regulations for the protection of safety data with the purpose of accident prevention and not the assignment of blame
promote, by all Member States, the use of common guidance materials, investigator manual and hand books
promote the use of best accident prevention practices
enhance the qualification and experience of accident investigators in all Member States