The Organization

About the Organization

The Member States hereby establish the Banjul Accord Group Accident Investigation Agency as an independent body under the Banjul Accord Group. The BAGAIA shall conduct, either in whole or any part of, an investigation into an aircraft accident or serious incident upon delegation by a State of Occurrence in the BAG Sub-Region, by mutual arrangement and consent between the State of Occurrence and the BAGAIA. This Investigation shall be carried out in compliance with International Standards.

The Office of the Commissioner shall be located in Praia, Cape Verde.

Organizational Structure of BAGAIA

As specified in Article 6 of the Agreement, the BAGAIA shall consist of:

The BAG Council of Ministers;

A Commissioner;

A Commission; and

Such other bodies and officers as approved by the Council of Ministers

The Commissioner shall be supported by a Technical Support/Training Director, an Administrative/Account Manager and a Legal Adviser. Pool of Qualified/Experienced Investigators drawn from BAG Member States shall form BAG investigative Team and when required, will conduct investigation in accidents and serious incidents within BAG member states and other non-member states when required.